Bulk Connections has recently set new standards for environmental protection. The environmental upgrade programme included raising the quay wall 200mm to ensure that no storm water could enter the bay.

This was supplemented with concreting all the stockpiles and installing a series of channels which divert water to one of four retention ponds, where the water is recycled for dust suppression on roads.

In addition all the roads have been paved and over 240 trees and shrubs were planted on the site to minimise the visual impact and add to a greener working environment. Each stockpile is divided by 4m high retaining walls which reduce the risk of contamination and cargoes are separated according to type and quality. Underground water, airborne dust, noise generation and water runoff are measured and all fall well below legal limits, a clear sign that Bulk Connections is getting it right.

Bulk Connections strives to make the environment a better place. Combatting the Pereskia plant is just one of the many ways we improve our environment.