Bulk Connections has 3 operational berths that we make use of, the deepest being 10m. Unfortunately we do experience draught restrictions, but with the use of innovative loading techniques we are able to load Panamax sized ships, our record load being 64 000 tons.

Flexibility and versatility enable products to be blended, weighed, dampened or separated before being loaded.

At Bulk Connections, we hold a planning and scheduling meeting each week. Every agent representing their principles attends this meeting, and vessels are planned in accordance with a tried and tested system that has been in operation for many years. Daily updates are sent to customers on email as well as an SMS on completion of every shift (ie three times a day). This simple procedure ensures effective plant utilisation and minimises vessel delays.



Bottom Discharge Containers

Our bottom discharge containers have been very successful in the past, and provided a great deal of flexibility to our operations. This system is capable of loading in excess of 20 000 tons per ship per day. This system is suitable for many commodities that require special handling or cannot be handled on a conveyor.

Conveyor Belt

The conveyor system runs in excess of 2 000 tons per hour and at a rate of 40 000 tons per day. It can be fed from the storage area, or direct from rail wagons using straddle excavators or either of the two dumpers. .


Grab Discharge

Two grab unloaders are used to discharge vessels. A double rope system allows for a 7m³ grab to cycle in under a minute on the one machine, while the second machine, the container crane, is fitted with a 25m³ hydraulic grab.

Discharge rates vary per commodity but are in excess of 6 000 tons per day on the rope driven machine and 15 000 tons per day with the hydraulic grab system.

This cargo is then routed directly to rail wagons which can immediately be made up into unit trains or the cargo can be stored and railed out at a suitable time. The grabs are equipped with sealing teeth that prevent spillage of products such as grains or fertilizers.