The stacks can store in excess of 600 000 tonnes as pre assembly for shipments. Majority of storage is open stockpiles, although we do offer covered storage for those weather sensitive products. All storage bins are enclosed with 4 meter high concrete walls which provide numerous benefits, including:

  • No contamination

  • Increase storage capacity

  • Dust suppression

  • Retention of water

Cargo can be stacked as and when the customer rails to the terminal or sends by road vehicle and stacking rates of 1,000 tonnes per hour per commodity are comfortably achieved.



Road stockpiling

Road trucks will be weighed in and out of our terminal to make sure tonnages are accurate. The trucks will be met by Bulk Connections employees throughout the terminal to make sure there is no contamination of products. Bulk Connections has in the past handled over 450 road trucks in a single day, we are able to do this because of our well organised road intake process.

Rail stockpiling

Bulk Connections makes use of 2 tipplers to offload rail wagons. This product is directed on conveyor belts to one of two stackers. Stacking rates of 20 000 tons per day per commodity are comfortably achieved.


Once the product has been offloaded into their designated stockpiles, backactors and excavators arrange the stockpiles to neaten and optimize the stockpiling area.                                                                   

Covered Storage

At Bulk Connections we provide covered storage for those weather sensitive products. Our shed can store approximately 10 000 tons.